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Impacted Canines (Eyeteeth)

By age 13, most permanent teeth should have erupted. The maxillary cuspid teeth or upper jaw eyeteeth, located in the front of the mouth, are the last to come to the surface of the gums. During this time if a cuspid tooth gets impacted (meaning there is not enough space for the tooth to erupt due to crowding, or blocking of other teeth), we offer a technique to aid the eruption through orthodontic means.

Sometimes an oral surgeon may need to intervene and lift the gum of the impacted tooth to expose the hidden tooth and perhaps even remove baby teeth or other growths blocking the eruption. We will consult with the patient’s orthodontist to create a specific plan to ensure proper alignment and development of the patient’s smile.

Facial Trauma

Dr. Scheetz and Dr. Rekos are trained and qualified to manage and treat facial trauma and injuries sustained to the face and skull. They are both on staff at Dublin Methodist Hospital located in Dublin, Ohio and Grant Medical Center located in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Injuries such as facial lacerations, avulsed teeth, or fractures to the face and jaw can be treated by our surgeons. The surgeons make every effort to conduct the fewest incisions possible and want to ensure minimal scarring and recovery time for the patient.

Oral Pathology

Maintaining your oral health is important and self- examinations of your mouth (as well as twice yearly cleanings and screening by your dentist) will help ensure your mouth is healthy and free of lesions or tumors. If you suspect you may have alterations in your mouth such as discoloration, growths such as sores and lumps, or difficulty swallowing or chewing please contact your dentist or give us a call to examine your mouth. Problems detected early improve the chance of less invasive therapy.