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Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Dublin, OH

Rekos & Border Oral Surgery knows that making an appointment to have your wisdom teeth pulled can be an incredibly intimidating time. In fact, getting any tooth pulled is often enough to make butterflies erupt in nearly anyone’s stomachs. We are here to tell you, though, that with us you are in the very best hands. We have years of experience making us the best around, and our dedication to our patients makes us even more so. When it comes time to get your or your child’s wisdom teeth removed, know that we will take the best possible care of you.

What is a wisdom tooth?

Human beings, by the time they become adults, usually have three sets of molars, the third pair erupting around 16–19 years old. This third pair, much like an appendix, shows no real reason for existing, and in fact seems to cause more trouble in the long run than anything else. This causes the majority of people to get these teeth removed before they can cause much or any damage.

Problems Resulting From Untreated Wisdom Teeth

Woman with headphones tilting head to side in front of gray backgroundIf you do not get your wisdom teeth pulled, it can cause an assortment of complications. Firstly, it can put you through much unnecessary pain. Wisdom teeth put pressure on the surrounding teeth and the jaw as well, which can lead to discomfort, particularly when eating or speaking. The placement of the teeth can also lead to decay, which can spread easily and can cause more pain. Food can get trapped and cause an infection.

It can also cause much damage if there is not sufficient space for the tooth to break through the tissues and bone, and this is called impacting. The pressure from this can cause other teeth to shift or to make them move to an angled position rather than a vertical one. This means that it can cause damage and much pain when you bite down. All of these problems combine to create a useless and pretty dangerous set of teeth. It is important to get them removed either before they start causing trouble or immediately once they do.

The Procedure

The first thing that will happen when you come in for your appointment will be the administration of a local or sedative anesthetic. This will make sure you're numb. Then our dentists will make a small incision exposing the tooth and bone beneath. The tooth will be removed; then the area will be thoroughly cleaned. Finally, we will stitch it right up and fill you in on how to take care of it all. Then you are all set!

More information:

Rekos & Border Oral Surgery have years of experience in making your surgical procedures hassle and pain-free, and your recovery quick and efficient. You will be back on your feet after your wisdom teeth are out in no time flat! If you are in Dublin or the surrounding Columbus, Ohio area and need your wisdom teeth extracted, give us a call and set up your appointment today.
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We know that having your wisdom teeth pulled can be an incredibly intimidating time. Give Rekos & Border Oral Surgery a call today! We are here to help!
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