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Surgical Procedures

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Human beings, by the time they become adults, usually have three sets of molars, the third pair erupting around 16–19 years old. This third pair, much like an appendix, shows no real reason for existing, and in fact seems to cause more trouble in the long run than anything else. This causes the majority of people to get these teeth removed before they can cause much or any damage.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a small titanium or zirconium appliance that we can install directly into your jawbone to fill the gap of a missing tooth, acting as a tooth’s root. There are a variety of benefits that can give an implant the ability to be a better option than a removable bridge or denture may be. The process, though, is time-consuming, and that may be its biggest downfall.

Orthognathic Surgery

If you have issues with your jaw or the alignment of your teeth, and these issues cause you difficulty with normal, everyday functions (eating, speaking, or even sleeping), orthognathic surgery may be right for you.

Impacted Canines

Impaction can occur with any tooth, and it means that the tooth cannot erupt into the arch of your teeth in the way that it is supposed to and gets stuck in the bone or gum tissue of your mouth. Most commonly, you hear this about wisdom teeth.

Facial Trauma

Facial trauma is a term that can refer to an injury or defect to the face that results in some internal or external disfigurement, limiting the functionality of bone or organs. This can be from an accident, a fight, genetics, or any other number of reasons.

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is an umbrella term that covers the diseases that occur in the mouth or jaw, and the structures within or adjacent to. For example, if you had a disease in the muscles in your face, the disease would still fall under oral pathology.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure that many of our patients undertake to prepare themselves for a different procedure, often a dental implant installation or a corrective surgery of some kind, like a jaw surgery. It can also be used to repair trauma or fill in places that did not have proper bone there to begin with.

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