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Oral Injuries Dublin OH

Man suffering from pain due to an oral injury diagnosed by Rekos & Border Oral Surgery in Dublin, OHOral injuries refer to any number of injuries that happen to your mouth, including both soft tissue and bone. Oral injuries can be the result of a number of different incidences. No matter how your injury occurs, you need the help of an experienced, well-trained oral surgeon. Rekos & Border Oral Surgery are experts in repairing a wide variety of oral injuries, restoring the health and function of your mouth.

Causes of Oral Injuries

Oral injuries can be the result of any number of different causes including:

•  Automobile accidents.
•  Falls or other accidents.
•  Sports-related injuries, such as a collision with another player or being hit in the face with a ball.
•  Work-related injuries.
•  Altercations or assaults.

In order to determine the best course of treatment, our team will conduct a thorough examination. We will check the inside of your mouth as well as perform any other testing that may be needed. Angiographs, images of your blood vessels, can help to find the source of bleeding. X-rays can help to rule out the presence of fractures. CT scans may be used to get a better look at fractures and help us to determine whether or not surgery is a necessary course of action.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are those injuries that occur to any of the soft tissues in your mouth, such as your cheeks, tongue and gums. These types of injuries require prompt treatment, and not solely for cosmetic reasons. Drs. Rekos & Border have the experience and expertise required to repair the function of your nerves, as well as any salivary glands or ducts that may have been damaged as a result of a soft tissue injury.

Bone Injuries

In some cases, oral injuries can result in damage to your jawbone. And, just like any other bone in your body, your jaw needs to be set in the event of a fracture. However, unlike other bones, your jaw cannot be placed in a cast. Instead, we have other methods to set your jaw. One such method is through the use of wire to hold your jaw in place and promote healing. After a specified amount of time, the wire is removed, and we examine your jaw for stability. If your jaw is sufficiently stable, we then continue on to the next part of your rehabilitation. If, however, your jaw is still too weak, the wire will be replaced, and checked again at a later date.

Another method for setting your jaw is through the use of plates and screws. This method allows you the use of your jaw to eat (unlike wiring). In some cases, we may not remove the plates and screws after healing, and they will stay permanently in place.

Injuries to Teeth

Isolated injuries to the teeth are rather common oral injuries. As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Drs. Rekos & Border are experts on treating fractured teeth, as well as damage to the supporting structures that hold your teeth in place. We can even replace teeth that have been knocked out, if the tooth is properly preserved, either in salt water or milk, and addressed right away.

If you have experienced an oral injury, even if it only seems minor, getting examined by an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon can help to correct your mouth and restore its function. Call Rekos & Border Oral Surgery at (614) 764-9455 to schedule your consultation today.
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At Rekos and Border Oral Surgery, we're experts in repairing a wide variety of oral injuries, restoring the health and function of your mouth. Learn more here!
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