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Oral Exams Dublin OH

Doctor with gloves examining patient's mouth with dental mirror at Rekos & Border Oral Surgery in Dublin, OHAn oral exam is the first step to creating a treatment plan. Patients who are referred to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon are often being advised on the treatment of disease associated with the jaws, teeth, mouth, and face. At Rekos & Border Oral Surgery, we perform dental extractions, reconstructions, repairs and restorations that require dental surgery to improve your oral health and function.

Patients are referred to an oral surgeon when surgery may be needed. Though family practice dentists are trained in surgical procedures, oral surgeons have completed an approved internship and residency training program that is hospital based.

Your dental exam will begin by collecting a wide range of information. Besides discussing your specific goals, we will ask about your dental health, medical health and medications you are taking. Some conditions and medications can impede the healing process; we may want to make adjustments with your physician before surgery. We will also want to review the area being discussed; we will want to visually inspect with a probe as well as review digital x-rays, possibly including 3D images.

Digital x-rays are our greatest tool; it allows us to view areas of tissue that are otherwise hidden. The digital radiology we have today has vastly improved the images and widened the range of conversation between the doctor and patient. Digital images are captured with immediate results that are then displayed on a screen near your chair. The images are displayed in a large format with a very high resolution allowing us to zoom in and out on trouble spots. 3D images captured display a full image, taking the depth and layers into consideration. Patients can see areas of interest, making the experience much more valuable to the patient and they leave with a greater understanding.

Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Though we perform a wide range of oral treatment, some of the most common procedures include:

•  Dental Implants: The surgical placement of dental implants is increasing as an option among patients. This is in large part due to the considerable information demonstrating its long-term success. Dental implants are the only procedure that rebuilds the foundation of the missing tooth, giving you a permanent solution.

•  Tooth Extraction: The extraction of impacted, poorly positioned or damaged teeth can be a very important step to improving your oral health. We will review the tooth, or teeth, in question and discuss extraction treatment when needed.

•  Jaw Surgery: Jaw surgery may be needed for alignment issues if the jaw has been fractured, or following an impact injury. We can review the jaw and make recommendations to help. Jaw alignment surgery may assist patients suffering from dysfunction.

•  Oral Cancer Treatment: Our office can assist with the removal of both cancerous and benign tumors, or for the treatment of oral cancer. This includes the head and neck, depending on its association with your oral health. If the patient has advanced cancer or when recurrent cancer removal is needed, treatment is often coupled with cancer therapy.
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