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Advanced Technology
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3D X-ray rendering of dental implant placed in the jaw at Rekos & Border Oral Surgery in Dublin, OHAt Rekos & Border Oral Surgery, we strive to provide you with the best care possible for your oral surgery needs. In order to achieve this goal, we employ some of the most advanced technology available in the dental field. This includes the use of 3D iCAT scan imaging.

What is 3D iCAT scan imaging?

3D iCAT scan imaging is a type of cone beam CT (computed tomography) imaging that is more advanced than a traditional CAT or CT scan. Unlike a traditional spiral CT scanner, the 3D iCAT scanner uses cone beam CT technology. An x-ray beam, shaped like a cone, rotates around your head. In doing so, it creates a high-quality 3-dimensional image of your teeth, bones, soft tissues, and even your nerves. It works by capturing a stream of images and connecting them together to form one single 3D image. While similar to a traditional CT scan (it produces similar images), it is actually closer to an x-ray. With this image, Drs. Rekos & Border can form a more accurate diagnosis and a better treatment plan.

What is this type of imaging used for?

When a traditional x-ray is not sufficient, the 3D iCAT scanning machine can help. It can be used to diagnose and form treatment plans for:
•  The best placement for dental implants.
•  A closer examination of the jawbone.
•  Checking the condition of your sinus cavities and nasal passageways.
•  Examining nerve passageways.
•  Checking impacted teeth (wisdom teeth or any other impacted teeth).
•  Issues with your temporomandibular joint (TMD).
•  Evaluation of jaw tumors.
•  Reconstructive jaw surgery.

How is the scan performed?

Before your scan, you will be advised to remove any jewelry, including earrings, facial piercings, or necklaces. You will also be required to remove glasses or hearing aids, as well as metal hair accessories, such as hair clips, pins, or ties with metal.

The scanning process itself is very simple and straightforward. You will be seated at the machine, and instructed to place your chin on the chin rest. You will be properly positioned, and the scan will begin, the cone beam circling around your head. Once it starts, it will take less than a minute, but you must remain completely still. A few short seconds after the scan is complete, the image will be shown on a computer screen, allowing for immediate examination and diagnosis.

Benefits of 3D iCAT Scan Imaging

3D iCAT scans provide numerous benefits:
•  Higher quality, higher precision images.
•  A 3D image provides multiple angles, which allows for a better, more accurate diagnosis.
•  One scan provides images of both bone and soft tissues, as well as nerves.
•  Pain-free and non-invasive.
•  With the image right on the computer screen, you can see what we see, and therefore gain a better understanding of what is happening and why specific treatments are being recommended.

Are there any risks?

There are a few risks associated with this advanced technology. Radiation is often the biggest cause for concern with many patients. 3D iCAT scan imaging is lower in radiation than a traditional CT scan. Any radiation given off does not stay in the body. Because of radiation, this type of scan may not be right for you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or may become pregnant. It may also not be appropriate for children. Keep in mind, though, that if this type of imaging is being recommended, it is because the benefits outweigh the potential risks.

With 3D Imaging, Drs. Rekos & Border can make better diagnoses, and, therefore, better treatment plans, which provide you with the best possible surgical outcome. For more information about 3D iCAT scan imaging, contact Drs. Rekos & Border today!
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At Rekos and Border Oral Surgery, we employ the most advanced technology available in the dental field. This includes the use of 3-D i-CAT scan imaging.
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