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Oral Surgeons Can Assist When Your Sinuses Constantly Hurt

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Kristine Conrad
Oral Surgeons Can Assist When Your Sinuses Constantly HurtWhen you have a problem with your sinuses, you may think to call an ear, nose and throat doctor. That would seem like the right person to call for help, but there is also another doctor that can help.

The problems with sinuses that constantly hurt may require the help of an oral surgeon. It takes a little explaining to understand why this is the right doctor to call.

Connecting the Sinus and the Mouth

If an oral surgeon deals with problems with the teeth and mouth how can they help with the sinuses. What people don't realize there is a connection between the two areas. When you have a sinus infection, you may notice pain in the jaw or teeth. The opposite effect is also true. If you have a problem with your jaw or teeth, it can cause sinus pain.

Causes of Sinus Pain

There are a few ways that the jaw and teeth can cause sinus pain. If there is an abscess in a tooth, it will fill with fluid. If the fluid is not drained and cleaned, the fluid can reach the sinus cavity and that will lead to the sinus pain that will not go away.

Complications from dental implants are another cause of sinus pain. The rod used to hold the implant in place can break the sinus cavity. This can lead to infection and can cause pain in the sinuses. One last way that an oral surgeon can help with sinus pain is if the pain is related to TMJ. This condition can cause problems in the jaw and can cause sinus pain.

For all these problems, the solution lies in the hands of the oral surgeons. They can take care of the abscess, fix the complication from the dental implant and deal with the TMJ.

Please contact our offices if you are experiencing constant sinus pain. It is possible that the cause is different than you first think. Our professionals can help you get the relief you want.
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