Better results, faster recovery.

Advanced technology enables us to provide superior care that often results in less surgery and faster recovery time.

We offer three-dimensional i-CAT scan imaging to benefit our patients in several important ways. This technology requires less radiation and provides greater accuracy to diagnose and treat patients. Images produced by i-CAT scan give us a more precise 3-D view of the patient’s teeth and jaws, allowing us to more accurately diagnose and develop specific treatment plans. These images can also be easily shared with your referring doctors.

Our Simplant Software creates a 3-D image of a patient’s mouth, giving our surgeons the ability to perform virtual surgery. This is an ideal process for patients in need of dental implants and bone grafting, allowing more precise diagnosis and treatment planning, permitting more accurate surgery.

Complex jaw surgeries require intricate planning and preparation to ensure that every patient receives adequate care and reconstruction. Our Dolphin Imaging software allows our surgeons to diagnose and treat patients from a 3-D radiograph. Orthodontists also use Dolphin imaging to diagnose and develop treatment plans for orthodontic issues.